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The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

Top Model Notes
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A.N.T.M. Notes

This community is for America's Next Top Model fans. Are you a fan? Then join. You can post about the show, your graphics of characters from the show, opinions of things that happened on the show or pictures you have found of the characters, so basically if it's top model related feel free to post it. You may promote here but remember to promote us aswell. You can also make posts having to do with anything about fashion or the various Top Model hosts (ex. Heidi Klum [GNTM]: Project Runway) and their endovers.

Head Mod/Creator: n0tes
Co-Mods: honestly_lost & blackrose_42

I'm really not into rules but there needs to be some "guidelines."

1. Respect others opinions and if you disagree disagree nicely.
2. You can promote other communities, just not excessivley and, please, place it behind a cut if it is large.
3. Name calling is strictly forbidden and is grounds for a ban.
4. Basically just treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
5. Finally the mods reserve the right to delete any post we feel is inappropriate.

Now on the bighter side of things

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britstopmodel -- Britain's Next Top Model
germantopmod -- Germany's Next Top Model

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